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Greyhounds In Nood
Organization vzw greyhounds in nood belgium of which mireille broeders is the president, aims to save abused and abandoned greyhounds and galgos from a gruesome death. greyhounds are made to race at the track while galgos are trained to hunt small game. greyhounds which fail to perform satisfactorily and no longer bring in money are savagely killed. galgos meet a similar fate, mostly at the end of the hunting season. the poorer the dog's achievement, the crueler its death. the monstrous imagination of the executioners seems limitless: they torture and kill the animals by hanging or drowning them burning them alive, breaking their paws, cutting off their ears, gouging out their eyes greyhounds in nood belgium finds adoptive homes for the dogs that have been rescued. several times a year, depending on the number of people wanting to adopt a dog, the animals are collected in spain. while they await adoption most of the dogs stay in the dog shelter las nieves in navalcarnero near madrid. currently, they are renovating and constructing, building an adequate road to the kennels, putting up new fences, installing new dog kennels and so on. the improvements are being realized thanks to the many donations, and the help received through walks and gatherings

Greyhounds Rescue Holland
Greyhounds Rescue Holland

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